The Best Wedding Gift from Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is the only place to consider if you are on the hunt for a non-traditional wedding gift that the couple will cherish.

Custom Coat-of-Arms and Family Crests from Family Crest Etc are created and researched from an original before being adapted to the couples own crest or coat of arms. Once the graphic is created, you may want to include it in your gift so that the husband and wife can use it for a business card or logo. The couple can even register their custom coat of arms or family crest as a trademark, which would make a unique and personal gift like no other.

Another beautiful wedding gift is a Names History. Use both the bride and grooms family names to make a Double Coat of Arms.

For the best ideas, you cannot go past Family Crest Etc, come in to the shop in Gatlinburg at the top of Mount Ober, or shop online for the best and unique wedding gifts. Shop now.

Custom made Indoor/Outdoor Flags

Did you know we can create beautiful flags with your Coat-of-Arms? It takes about 6 weeks from design to you getting the product in your hands. Just enough time to make a great Christmas present for your family. If you are interests please let us know how we can help you make this project happen. Email me at to get started or order below.

Here are a few sample images

Young England Hall GermanySparks EnglandAnderson Norway Auger Giffard England COA Flag 3'x2'


One of a Kind Wedding Gifts from Family Crest Etc

Summer means weddings and if you are looking for something unusual for the bride and groom, head over to the Family Crest Etc bricks and mortar store in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge or shop online for a one of a kind wedding gift that they happy couple will cherish for the rest of their lives.

The Laser Cut Custom Coat-of-Arms with Family Name History measures 12 x 20 and is designed especially for you or the lucky engaged couple. Hand painted, the Laser Cut Custom Coat-of-Arms with Family Name History takes four weeks to deliver, but is well worth the wait.

Another great gift for the bride and groom from Family Crest Etc is the stunning hand embroidered Coat-of-Arms. The framed classic gold tapestry measures 11×14 and is simply exquisite. Make sure that you order this in plenty of time because the hand-stitched rich color Coat of Arms takes up to 12 weeks to deliver.

Show how much you care with a wedding gift from Family Crest Etc. Order your one of a kind gift from Family Crest Etc. today.

Cherished Gifts from Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is your number one shop for holiday gift giving ideas. Flags, banners, plaques, and shields are just a few of the items that you will find in store and online from Family Crest Etc.

Instead of giving your dad a tie that will just end up in a drawer somewhere, shop in store or online with Family Crest Etc. Surprise him with his parent’s family crest, or give him a wooden plaque with his Coat of Arms.

When you purchase your gifts from Family Crest Etc, you will be giving a gift that your brother will love. Every present that you lovingly give to a friend or family member will be cherished for years, decades and quite possibly, centuries.

This year give a special one-of-a-kind gift from Family Crest Etc and surprise the ones you love with a plaque, shield, Coat of Arms, badge or flag, and don’t forget to stop by Puzzled Etc, Family Crest Etc sister store, where you will find even more goodies for the holidays.

New Custom Made Printed Flags from Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is excited to announce that it has just sealed the deal! That’s right with Family Crest Etc you can order custom made printed flags for both outdoors and indoors in two sizes.

Order your 2’ x 3’ custom made printed flag from Family Crest Etc or opt for the larger 3’ x 5’ larger version.

When you order your custom made printed flags from Family Crest Etc it means that your Coat-of-Arms, Family Crest, Company Logo, or any other image that you would like to turn into a flag can be ready to fly up your flag pole. If that isn’t enough, Family Crest Etc can also make custom bannering with sizes up to twelve feet wide.

Just imagine sending a cherished family photo into Family Crest Etc and having a new custom made printed flag ready to present to your grandparents for Christmas.

Order your custom made printed flags from Family Crest Etc today, and your new flag will be ready to fly high, even in extreme weather conditions.

Surprise your Partner with a Treasured Heirloom from Family Crest Etc

Now that the weather has started to cool down and the sun is setting earlier in the day, head over to Family Crest Etc for some family fun.

At Family Crest Etc you will find incredible deals on flags, Scottish Clan Badges, International Heritage Items, Coat of Arms and plaques and shields.

Have a bite to eat and wander over to Family Crest Etc and look up your family name history. Once you have discovered your Coat of Arms, talk to the professional team from Family Crest Etc who can have a custom made double coat of arms copper plaque made just in time to present to your better half for Christmas.

This gorgeous plaque features both you and your partner’s families. The ancient tradition of this fabulous artistry from Family Crest Etc is a colorful representation that will be a treasured heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Made to order your partner will love this beautiful gift and the thought that went behind it, only from Family Crest Etc.

Shop Now for Christmas with Family Crest Etc

If you are an early Christmas shopper, head to Family Crest Etc for unique gifts for family and friends. Skip the malls and shop online, or head over to the Lodge on the top of Mount Ober in East Tennessee or the new Puzzled Etc store on the Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

One of the newest items from Family Crest Etc can be passed down from generation to generation. The Laser Cut Custom Coat-of-Arms with Family Name History measures approximately 12 x 20 and is hand painted and designed especially for you. Order now as it takes about four weeks to deliver.

The Family Crest Etc also carries flags, and one of the newest ones available online and in store is the Presidential Standard banner of the arms or Ireland. With its golden harp on a blue field, these arms have been in use since Henry VIII ruled in the 16th century.

This Christmas surprise your loved ones with unique gifts from Family Crest Etc. You will not be disappointed.

Family Crest Etc on Facebook

Since 1996, Family Crest Etc has been operating from the top of Mount Ober in the spectacular Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

One of Gatlinburgs best kept secrets, Family Crest Etc is tucked away in the Lodge next to its sister store, Puzzled Etc. Puzzled Etc, has just opened a second location at The Island in Pigeon Forge.

Always something new, both Puzzled Etc and Family Crest Etc have Facebook pages where you can keep up with new products and read interesting posts about everything from the Largest Jigsaw Assembly to drawings for puzzles. Like both pages and read interesting posts about Smoky Mountain Trolls and the newly available Family Crest blankets, custom made in the USA.

Show your support and give your favorite colonel a custom laser-cut, hand-painted wooden plaque or present your sister with an embroidered Coat-of-Arms only available from Family Crest Etc.

Whether you are searching for your family name or have been searching for Scottish Clan Badges in Gatlinburg, Family Crest Etc is here to help.

The Best Gifts are From Family Crest Etc

Pay a visit to Family Crest Etc in store on online for a wonderful gift that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Show your parents how much you love and appreciate them with a gift from Family Crest Etc just because. Family Crest Etc can help you find your family crest and help you search through the online names book featuring more than 300,000 names.

Family Crest Etc has an incredible selection of your family’s Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan Badges, international flags and much more.

There is nothing better than tracing your family tree, and if you have recently discovered your Coat of Arms, place an order with Family Crest Etc for a beautifully framed copy o your Coat of Arms. You can even have both of your parent’s family Coats Of Arms featured in a pair of framed Coat of Arms prints.

When it comes to gifts, skip the usual fare and give something that your friends and family members will cherish forever from Family Crest Etc.

Unique Gifts from Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is the only place where you will find authentic Scottish Clan Badges, Coat of Arms and Family Crests. Shop in store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, or buy from Family Crest Etc from anywhere with an internet connection. The Family Crest Etc has a fabulous store on line where you will find International flags, plaques, and shields. You can even find your naming history online with Family Crest Etc.

If you have been searching for an embroidered Coat of Arms, look no further than Family Crest Etc. Each piece is hand embroidered and made to order. Choose from a selection of sizes in single, or his and hers doubles.

International Heritage Items can be difficult to locate, but not when you shop with Family Crest Etc. International Auto Tags and International Flags are just a few of the International Heritage Items that you will find online or in store from Family Crest Etc.

Give someone you love or yourself a unique gift from Family Crest Etc.