Family Crest Etc for Time Honored Traditions

Family Crest Etc has the perfect wedding gift or anniversary gift, and if you are at a loss as to what to buy for the bride and groom, or the anniversary couple, check out the selection of Scottish Clan Badges and Coat of Arms that will embrace the heritage from both sides of the family.

The Double Coat of Arms from Family Crest Etc is a three-piece set of framed prints that features both family names heralding the artistry that will remain a treasured keepsake for generations to come. The newly married couple will love the fact that you honored both sides of the family with this Double Coat of Arms available in an Oak or Cherry frame.

The Custom Laser Cut Shield is simply exquisite and is custom made to order with your family Coat of Arms. With its three dimensional Coat of Arms it features the name and country of origin and is hand painted.

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Family Crest Etc for Treasured Gifts

Join the rest of the world and check out Family Crest Etc for international heritage items, flags, plaques and badges and much more. You will love the selection of Coat of Arms plaques and Scottish Clan badges that will be treasured by whoever receives such a great gift from Family Crest Etc.

A beautiful Coat of Arms plaque makes a great gift for anyone, but especially for that certain someone who seems to have everything. Check out the hand embroidered Coat of Arms from Family Crest Etc or order a Custom Graphic Coat of Arms or Family Crest from Family Crest Etc.

The Custom Graphic Coat of Arms can be used for logos, letterheads, or business cards. Sized to your specifications, Family Crest Etc can have your new Custom Graphic Coat of Arms delivered in a few days ready for you to use however you wish.

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Scottish Clan Badges and More from the Family Crest Shop

Check out the Family Crest Shop if you have always wanted to celebrate the heritage of your family. When you go online, you can even check out the Book of Names on the Family Crest Shop website. Once you have found your name, you can order a Family Crest or Coat of Arms from the Family Crest Shop online or at the bricks and mortar store in the Lodge at the top of Mount Ober in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Order the most popular item from the Family Crest Shop, which is the Framed Celebration Print, or surprise your grandfather with a Scottish Clan Badge. Scottish Clan Badges from Family Crest Shop are laser cut and hand painted in the classic Belt and Crest Style. The Scottish Clan Badge is available for all clans, present or past regardless of the heritage.

Give the gift that keeps on giving or treat yourself to a Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan Badge or Heritage Flag, only from the Family Crest Shop.

Celebrate your History with Family Crest Etc

Although it is not quite clear where the Scottish Clan Badges and Coat of Arms originated from, but according to Family Crest Etc it was sometime during the Middle Ages. According to legend, a Coat of Arms was worn to distinguish between friends and enemies. Before the Coat of Arms, it was very difficult to identify the knights. Back then, a Coat of Arms was also used to protect the armor worn in the medieval battlefields.

Thankfully, people no longer have to wear Coat of Arms, but they are still a valued piece of family history. If you would like to order a Coat of Arms to celebrate your family name, pay a visit to Family Crest Etc at the top of Mount Ober in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee or sign up online and order your Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan Badge or Family Name History.

Celebrate your family with the help of Family Crest Etc.

Get in Touch with Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is the perfect place to buy your favorite engaged couple a wedding gift that will be the most treasured received. Just imagine the look on the bride and grooms face when they unwrap each other’s Coat of Arms Graphics with two family name histories. These framed Coat of Arms are an heirloom that will last for generations. The Coat of Arms celebrates forgotten traditions that come to life in the Coat of Arms Graphics with two family name histories. You can add the wedding date after the countries and include the names and countries of origin.

With Family Crest Etc, you can display your international heritage with International Auto Tags and International flags. Show off the pride of the Irish with a 3’ x 5’ Irish Green Flag or a US flag tag for your car.

Family Crest Etc is the only place of its kind where you can get in touch with your family history. Shop in store or online today.

Family Crest Etc for Generations to Come

Family Crest Etc is a unique experience where you can find Coat-of-Arms plaques, Scottish Clan Badges, Family Name History and much more. Register free online with Family Crest Etc and you can shop anytime you like safely and securely wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection. If you are vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, or live in the area you can drop by Family Crest Etc located in Gatlinburg in the Lodge at the top of Mount Ober.

Family history is meant to be passed down from generation to generation, but if you don’t have a plaque of shield to display in your home or office, you will not have anything to show your legacy.

Order a Double Coat of Arms Copper Plaque from Family Crest Etc. Mark the unity of two families with this ancient tradition that will become a lasting and most treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Family Crest Etc for Family Keepsakes

Family Crest Etc has the perfect gift to keep your family’s history alive. Choose from Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan items, flags, plaques and shields, and much more. Buy a lovely embroidered Coat of Arms for your great grandmother, or order an International Heritage flag to send to your cousin in Ireland.

Located in Gatlinburg at the top of Mt. Ober, and online, the Family Crest Etc shop has everything you need to discover the history of your family name. Download the online Book of Names where you can find a massive list of more than 300,000 family names. Locate your name and you can have Family Crest Etc design a Family Crest or a Coat of Arms like the Double Coats of Arms graphics with two framed family histories. This three-piece set comes in Cherry or Oak and makes the perfect wedding gift uniting two families together.

Support your local small business this year and order a family keepsake from Family Crest Etc.

New Items from Family Crest Etc

Family Crest Etc is the quintessential shop for all things family. Shop online or in store at the top of Mount Ober for Scottish Clan items, Flags, International Heritage Items, Embroideries, and Badges.

Family Crest Etc is always adding to the massive catalog and has some brand new items in store and online like the Custom Logo’s that are created especially to your specifications. Order Custom Logos from Family Crest Etc and you will receive a custom graphic that you can use for your personal logo, business cards, website, or letterhead. You can even order a Custom Logo and register it as your trademark.

Other new items from Family Crest Etc include Laser Custom Coat of Arms, and a 3’ x 5’ Erin Go Bragh Green Irish Flag and a 3’ x 5” 4 Province Irish Flag.

This Christmas give your family and friends a gift that they will treasure and can pass on from generation to generation with Family Crest Etc.

Family Crests Research

With tens of thousands of Family Crests in our databases we should be able to find your Family Crests. A Family Crests was used in the old day as identification logos. The idea of using pictures to identify was born with early man in Pictographs later morphing into Family Crests by the Middle Ages. A Family Crests is another name for a Coat-of-Arms. Some societies have strict regulation on Family Crests and Coat-of Arms, and others use Family Crests just as basic symbols to identify someone. We can help you find a Family Crests or even help you to create your very own Family Crests. Ever heard the term “make your mark” this goes back to the days when most common folk did not read and write and therefore made mark to give consent on papers. Those marks are also a form of identification or a Family Crests. Not all Family Crests are actually “Family Crests”, some Crests may be personal crests, the crests of a country, state, county and city are all forms of picture identification.

Family Crest Etc Is More than Your Coat of Arms

Family Crest Etc. where you can locate your family Coat of Arms, Family Name History, Scottish Clan Badges and much more. Choose from Coat of Arms Hand Painted, Wood Laser Cuts, Graphic Prints, or Custom Graphics for your Coat of Arms where you can proudly display your family’s heritage.

If you thought that Family Crest Etc. was just about the history of your family, you would be wrong. Family Crest Etc. also carries military flags for every branch of the service as well as historical and pirates flags. At Family Crest Etc. you can also buy US Military items such as car tags and license plate frames, pins, medals and medallions, bumper stickers and decals, hats, caps and even blankets. As the Great Smoky Mountain home for Arensbak Trolls, you will find a massive selection of trolls including a multigenerational Troll Family. Other products that you will find when you shop with Family Crest Etc. include puzzles, hand painted wooden plaques, and 3D Lenticular items. Shop now with Family Crest Etc.