The Etc. Links

Our Family Crests Etc. Store carries much more then just Family Name History & Coat-of-Arms items.

  • Flags: We have a full line of 3ft x 5ft international Flags – over 140 countries – All US Military Branches – Historical Flags like Betsy Ross, Alamo etc. – and a dozen or more Pirate Flags.
  • US Military Items: Flags – Car Tags & License Plate Frames – Patches – Pins – Medals & Medallions – Blankets – Bumper Stickers & Decals – Hats & Caps
  • Arensbak Trolls: We are the Mountain Home for the Smoky Mountain Trolls – a huge selection of the original Arensbak Trolls by 5 Arts Studio – a multigenerational Troll Family started by Ken & Neta, immigrants from Norway and introduce the Trolls to the Smoky Mountains
  • American Made Products: Sunsout Jigsaw Puzzles – White Mountain Puzzles – Chanel Craft Toys & Games – Allied Military Frames & Medallions and Flags – Springbok Puzzles – American Outdoor Products Laser cut and Handpainted wood plaques - 
  • Puzzles:  Special Shapes - Jigsaws – Wood – Metal - Brainteasers – Kids Floor Puzzles – Mural Mosaics – 3D Globes, Pyramids, Building, Bridges & City Timelines.
  • Puzzle Manufacturers include: Ravensburger, Springbok, Sunsout, Serendipity, Authentic, Educa, White Mountain, Chanel Craft, Hanyama & Keith Graham
  • 3D Lenticular Items: from Authentic a German Company awesome looking Bookmarks, Postcards, Magnets, Mouse-pads, Posters, Puzzles & Specialty Cards